About Us.

Afri Vega is an exclusive social network platform designed to facilitate direct interactions between fans and celebrities.
The platform empowers creators to provide exclusive services directly to their fans, such as one-on-one video calls, personalized video messages, exclusive content, live streams, event bookings, merchandise, etc. Creators can showcase diverse content, including music, movies, shows, short/long videos, glimpses into their personal lives, and much more. Fans can access this content through subscription models, such as monthly/yearly subscriptions, or pay-per-view options.

Some of Our Services

  • Event Booking
  • Personalised Shout-Out Videos
  • Livestream
  • Exclusive Content
  • Exclusive Merchandise
  • One-On-One Video Calls

How Afri vega Works?

How it works

Afri Vega serves as the ultimate platform for celebrities to connect with their fans.

Fans gain access through monthly/ yearly subscriptions. This includes the ability to request one-on-one video calls at a fee set by the celebrities, live streams, videos/movies, feeds and more . Also the platform offers Pay-Per-View model. Afri Vega is an exclusive space where fans make meaningful connections with their celebrities.


Forge Genuine Connections, Captivate, and Shape Your Celebrity Essence

Monetise Your Passion
Transform your talent into real income through paid services like one-on-one video calls, personalized video shoutouts & exclusive content premieres.
Deepen Your Fan Connections.
Offer unique, personalized experiences that foster loyalty and build genuine relationships with your audience.
Expand your reach.
Premiere your music, movies, shows, short-form content, and even glimpses into your personal life, directly to your dedicated fanbase.


Go beyond the ordinary and connect with your idols in a personalised, meaningful way.

Unlock exclusive experiences
Video Chat with Celebrities, get personalized shout-outs , and access exclusive content and much more.
Support your favourite creators directly.
Invest in the creators you love through subscriptions, pay-per-view, merchandise purchasing and event bookings.

Explore with us

AFRI VEGA services & products

Welcome to the ultimate experience with celebrities

Choose a celeb and enjoy a one-on-one LIVE video call

Get personalized video message for your loved one from their favorite celebs

Get exclusive content from your favorite stars

Buy exclusive products from your favorite celebs like music/movie won by them outfits

Get celebs to attend or perform at your event