Community Guidelines


Our Mission

The goal of Afri Vega is to establish the most unique and sincere interactions with fans and celebrities. We like celebrities to establish a close bond with their fans.

We want Afri Vega to be a welcome, enjoyable, and memorable experience for everyone. Connections and relationships are at the center of what we do. To make Afri Vega safe guard for the supporters, companies, and other users of our website, mobile application, and services, including talent, we have created these Community Guidelines. The terminology mentioned in the Phrases of Service (such as capitalised terms like “User,” “Site,” etc.) have the same meaning here as they do elsewhere. These Guidelines are a component of both our Acceptable Use Policy and our Terms of Service. These Rules, which are universally applicable, define what is and is not permitted on Afri Vega. You have to accept our Terms of Service, which include these Guidelines.

Our Rules