Complaint Policy

Our Aim

Afri Vega is a committed service provider that believes in customer satisfaction and always thrives to make the experience better for them. We work in an open and accountable environment so that we can build the trust and respect of all our customers and users. In respect to that, we always stay put when it comes to addressing the issues or complaints of our customers. We listen and respond to the views of our customers, stakeholders, and anyone who uses our services and respond quickly and positively to make things right.Hence, we aim to ensure that:

Customers can file a complaint easily, We certify an immediate response, We deal with customers in a polite and prompt manner, We keep the information confidential, when appropriate, We respond in the right way, We take customer feedback seriously and strive to improve our services, In case of informal complaints, we will try to, Resolve them quickly- within seven business days, Keep matters low-key.

 If the informal concerns cannot be resolved satisfactorily, then the formal complaint procedure has to be followed. Preamble, Description: A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction in the service that a customer experience (with Afri Vega, a staff member, or Afri Vega trustee) and whichrequires an immediate and formal response., Perseverance: We aim to create a complaint procedure that follows all the legal rules and handled fairly, consistently, and wherever possible to resolve the issues of the complainant.

Afri Vega’s responsibility will be to:

Respond to a formal complaint in writing, Respond to a formal complaint in the stated period of time, Talk politely and reasonably with the customer, Take appropriate actions, A complainant’s responsibility is to, Lodge a complaint in writing as soon as the problem arises, Give a full explanation of the issue in clear words, including any action taken to date,  Raise complaint request directly on the Afri Vega portal, Allow Afri Vega a reasonable time to look into the matter, Understand that some policies are strict and beyond the control of Afri Vega, Responsibility for Action: All Staff, and Trustees of Afri Vega., Confidentiality: Except where necessary, both the parties should maintain,confidentiality. Also, each complaint will be judged on its own merit and it may be possible that confidentiality is hard to maintain. In this case, Afri Vega will explain the situation to the complainant.

Formal Complaints Procedure

Stage 1

To submit an inquiry or complaint, you can always contact Afri Vega Policy by clicking on the Contact Us page or write to any member of Afri Vega formally. Make sure that you explain or set out the details of your complaint clearly and the remedy that you are seeking.Your right to file a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority in the country where you live or work or where you consider a breach has occurred remains unaffected.

Stage 2

If the formal complaint by a complainant goes unanswered, the complainant can write to Afri Vega’s Chief Executive to review the complaint. Afri Vega aims to resolve all issues promptly and quickly, However, some issues can be complex and take time. According to the privacy policy, Afri Vega will promptly address all the complaints and run a thorough investigation. If a complaint is found to be legit, Afri Vega will take necessary actions to resolve the complaint, including, if necessary, amending our policies and procedures.

Final Stage

If you didn’t get a satisfactory response from Afri Vega’s Chief Executive, you can write a formal complaint to the Trustees, stating how many attempts you made and how you are dissatisfied with the outcome. You can visit our Contact Us page to find the contact details and can expect the response within a few weeks. Also, if your original complaint was against the Trustees, then the final complaint will be handled by the President of Afri Vega. Our policy is licensed to reuse and you can adapt it for your own purposes, in which case, please acknowledge this page as your source, applying a suitable attribution share alike license on your own policy. Thank you.